First Birthday

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Birthday Fun

Hi guys! My son’s first birthday has just passed and whew!! Who knew planning a baby’s birthday party would be so much work!? Though, it is the best!

We had one set of grandparents come into town the Tuesday beforehand, so we were busy cleaning the house and of course, just spending time with them! Another came the night after! Thursday, we had to run a few errands! I feel like every single day we ended up needing to go to the grocery store, and I can’t tell you how many carton of eggs we have bought this past week!

My son’s birthday outfit delivery date was rescheduled to arrive AFTER the party (fear #1), so we had to make an extra trip into town. Next, we had the party on Saturday at the neighborhood park! We were originally going to have it at a bigger park, but they were having a Halloween Event and had no space available (fear #2), therefore I had to move it to the smaller park closer to our home, which worked out perfectly! (It’s as if God knew! ?)

Then, the night before the party, we were up all night making the decorations, prepping the food, and baking the last of the 50+ cupcakes! We were exhausted! I will love to show you guys some pictures-stay tuned!

Finally, the day of the party has arrived! We are scrambling to finish all the last minute touches! Another set of grandparents arrive! OMG, crazinesss! All in all, party looks great, people come celebrate, baby boy has a great time! What more can I ask for? Totally worth it!!

As you can see, this past week has been crazy busy! Crazy fun, but busy busy busy! I hope you can forgive me for not having the Part 2 of the Armor of God done! I didn’t want to leave you without a post though! So, below is what I wanted to give  you guys as a thank you for following me and getting my Instagram over 100 followers!

The scripture below always helps me when I need some uplifting! I hope it can help you too! Print it out! Hang it up! Cut them out like flashcards and leave them around your house, car, or purse!

Remember, even in our crazy, busy lives, God is with us always! He is guiding us and watching over us! If we pray to Him and ask for His guidance and patience, He will deliver. Trust in Him.  When I thought things kept going wrong, there was a reason, and He knew it. Trust in His timing.

Inspiration Scripture Free Printable↓

Inspirational Scripture - When life gets busy

Thank you, everyone! As much birthday fun as this week was, I am happy to get back to my routine! ?



…Kay God, what’s next?






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