DIY felt Board materials

DIY Felt Board for Toddlers


As I try to tot-school on a budget, it can be difficult to come up with activities that actually seem interesting to them. Of course, I can just buy some curriculum that include activities. However, I try to live as frugally as possible, and to me, that doesn’t involve spending 200 bucks on baby curriculum. When my son is older, it will definitely be worth it. But at such a young age, it’s not necessary. So, when I heard about a DIY Felt Board for Toddlers, I was like ” OMG what is this and is it hard to make?”

Homeschooling Toddlers

Okay, let me back up! As a mom, more specifically a stay-at-home mom, I always feel like I can be doing more, especially when it comes to my child. And, I knew that homeschooling is becoming more and more popular so I thought I’d look into it! After researching and seeing all the mom’s rocking it, I thought it looked like a lot of fun and a wonderful opportunity to teach my son!

Guess what I found out? … There are a TON of options for homeschooling toddlers from the age 3 and up. There are SOME options for homeschooling 2 year olds. But, there are BARELY any options for homeschooling under 2 for early learning! I searched and searched! I literally only found two and one of them you pay for, it wasn’t much, but the other one was free! So, yes, I chose to go off of the free one!

I use the curriculum from Brightly Beaming! It’s fun, easy, cheap, and lays out everything for you! What’s great about it, is that it’s very flexible which is exactly what you need with a one & a half year old! And, it has Bible time so it’s even more awesome! Anyway, one of the weeks’ schooling involve a felt board! That is how I first was introduced to it!

Felt Board Mahem

Felt board? What’s a felt board? I asked myself. I mean, I can assume it’s a board with felt, but do people actually make these? Of course they do, everyone other than me is super crafty! me when it comes to crafts, I’m like a 4 year old boy!

So, I went to the one place I knew I can count on to show me a felt board… yup, Pinterest! I found quite a few DIY felt boards but my favorite was this one! However, I couldn’t get all the materials she had because of the Covid-19 quarantine, so here is my DIY felt board for toddlers…

DIY Felt Board for Toddlers

DIY Felt Board for Toddlers

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  • Large piece of felt
    • I bought a 36 x 36 one from Michaels.
  • Wooden Dowel
    • I purchased one from Home Depot that was about 46 inches but my husband cut it down to 42 inches.
    • If you can’t cut it, you can purchase smaller ones as well, whether at home depot or amazon!
  • Staples
    • I didn’t have safety pins so I improvised
  • Outdoor Light Clips
    • I know, that seems funny right? Well, I tried using string and tying it to the dowel, but my son is pretty strong and kept yanking it down. So, I improvised.
    • These were perfect and very sturdy so than can withheld my songs yanking!
    • They make indoor hanging clips too, but just make sure they look similar to the pictures below, ↓ that way the dowel can fit inside it nice and tight.
  • Little Pieces of Felt
    • For the fun part
  • Scissors
    • For the fun part


DIY felt Board materials

  1. Gather your materials
  2. With my size of felt, I wrapped some around the dowel and stapled the flap together on the top of each side so the felt would stay. I didn’t measure how much felt, I just kept going to the size I liked.
    1. Make sure to staple on the front of the board so the staples aren’t facing your child. It never hurts, every now and then, to make sure the staples are still closed shut.
  3. Then, I put one clip on each side of the dowel and hung it up on the wall.
    1. Find the place you want to hang it first and if you’re a little o.c.d. like me, you can make sure it’s straight, using a level, before placing it against the wall.
    2. Once you place the clips on the wall, you can take them down but you’d have to use another sticky.

Felt Board Dowel

The Fun Part

  1. Use your scissors to make shapes out of the little felts.
  2. Then place them on the board and have fun with your toddler.


There are a lot of fun ideas you can do with your toddler and a felt board! I’ve seen campfire boards, under the sea boards, the list goes on and on. But the great news is, you’ve now got your own felt board! Yay!

If you want more ideas for toddler activities, check out my post here!


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