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My Son’s 1st Birthday

As you all probably already know, my son’s 1st birthday just passed in October! It’s something I have been thinking about since, probably, June! Is that normal or am I crazy? (Let’s blame the first-time-mom thing!) Even though I wanted to do something small, simple, and intimate, I still wanted everything to go perfect for my little man! Although we had a lot of last minute changes, everything was perfect. I don’t mean the frosting was frosted perfectly, the decorations were placed perfectly, or the food tasted perfectly. What I mean is my baby boy was happy and THAT is perfect for me.

That being said, ya’ll have been asking me on Instagram to show you pictures and tell you all about it, so here ya go!

The Night Before: Coffee, Laughter, & More Coffee

This night was probably the funnest night of my family being here! For starters, we had all been up for what seemed like 28 hours, so we were deliriously tired, which, of course, made it all the merrier! For some reason, the silliest things made us laugh the hardest! At one point, I was on the floor laughing so hard, I had tears falling down my face! We had already gone through at least three pots of coffee! (and my coffee pot makes about 12 cups!) But, nevertheless, there were things to be done! Hold on, let’s rewind a bit!

Getting things ready

I told ya’ll the other day how we had last minute issues such as; having to move the location of the party the day before and my sons birthday outfit not arriving on time. On top of all that, we weren’t able to order the cake on time! Eek! Well, since I already was making the cake myself, I figured, what the heck! Let’s make cupcakes for all the guests! Little did I know, my significant other, apparently used to bake for fun! (he actually LOVES being in the kitchen, baking, cooking, even dishes …score!)

I also wanted to hand-make a few of the decorations for his party, I feel that it makes it more special. Don’t get me wrong, we bought decorations too! Haha, I can only be SO Pinterest-y! All day long we were baking cupcakes after cupcakes and making the decorations. Two of the main decorations I wanted to make were a Number 1 sign for him to hold while taking pictures, and a “through the year” photo collage. Therefore, on top of the usual day activities of having an “almost toddler”, we had to finish all these things by the next morning! Thankfully I had my family there to lend the extra hands!

Pinterest Ideas

I found these ideas on Pinterest and tweaked them a little bit. However, I don’t remember where I found them because I was all over the place jumping from one website to another, so if you do know, please email me so I can link back to where the idea originated from. Thanks!

Number 1

I realized the week of the party, that we didn’t have any prop for my son to hold or wear, at least for photos. And I couldn’t find a party hat that I liked or that was worth the price (I’m a little into frugal living..but that’s another story). So, while I was searching for cake inspiration, I found a super cute idea!

boy holding up number 1

All you have to do is get a piece of cardboard, cut it out, and super glue tissue paper! Easy, right? You can buy a piece of cardboard but luckily we get a lot of things delivered to our house so we already had some empty boxes in the garage! My significant other traced and cut out a huge number 1. I had bought some blue tissue paper, two different shades, for just a couple of dollars at target! I cut them into squares, roughly 5x5inches. Then, I just pinched them as if I was putting them into a gift bag and super glued them onto the cardboard! Believe it or not, this is pretty time consuming, especially if you’re joking around too much due to overly tiredness!

See! This super cute prop only cost about $5; tissue paper & hot glue! Took a while to make, but definitely worth it, and can be saved as a decoration in your child’s room or as a keepsake!

Candy Table Centerpieces

Another super cute idea that I found was someone had made their own table centerpieces by putting m&ms in mason jars and adding a candle inside of whichever age, in this case, 1!

Photo by Cid O

Again, I had adapted this idea a bit. Instead of using the taller mason jars, putting the candle in the middle against the glass, and closing the lid, I used small ones instead! First, I took my shorter mason jars and poured skittles inside instead of M&Ms because I was afraid they would melt. Then, I set the candles on top, nudged between enough skittles to stay upright. I left the lids off so that the candles could peak out! 

I bought two extra candles for these! In the other mason jars, I put some chocolate coated pretzel sticks, that we also made, inside-sticking out, as snacks for people to munch on throughout the party! I was running around everywhere so I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of each decoration! Sorry!

Blue One is Fun

I definitely wanted to get the “basic” decorations though, like the table clothes, plates, and napkins! My son’s favorite animal is a lion so I thought the theme “Blue One is Fun” was just perfect! However, to buy enough tableware for all the guests, it was going to be quite expensive at Party City, so I was just going to get one table cloth of the theme and get plain blue for everything else. However, Amazon saved the day!

I was able to find a bundle on Amazon, for the same theme, but double the quantity, AND a lot cheaper!! This made me was so happy, because I felt like I could really make the party theme come together now! I also got a banner and mat for the high chair!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Cake Smash Zone


I don’t know about your children, but my baby boy did not like it when everyone clapped and yelled “yay” after singing happy birthday! He actually didn’t eat any of the cake until I calmed him down by holding him and letting him sit on my lap to eat the cake. And he ended up eating the blueberries on the top of the cake, not even really caring about the actual cake part!

P.s. the bib was a separate purchase.

Get high chair kit here!

More Decor

Happy Birthday Sign

Photo by Cid O

Happy Birthday Sign-part of bundle! This is where we took individual photos with the family and friends!

Food Table


For food, I offered vegan and meat options! A few were pasta salad, potato salad, and BBQ chicken! Here, you can also see the #1 cutout I made alongside part of the Party bundle I found on Amazon! Click here to check out the Blue One is Fun bundle!

Birthday boy wanted to be with me most of the time, although he did walk around a bit towards the end. I was also surprised that he even stayed in one spot long enough to open his presents! My little guy loves books and he got plenty! The day was just great; my munchkin had taken his nap perfectly before the party, the weather was sunny and in the mid 70’s, and everyone had a good time. I couldn’t have asked for a better day, I am very blessed!

The Aftermath

The party was a success! Through the last minute messes, trying to find extra seating, and forgetting the serving utensils (yes, that actually happened…oops), God gave me patience and calmness. He helped me focus on the bigger picture, the memories being made. Like I said in the beginning, that day was perfect because my son was happy.

If you want to see more photos of the party, check out my social media platforms above ↑ or click here!

Have you made any crafts for your parties? Link them in the comments so I can take a look! I love getting new ideas!



…Kay God, What’s Next?


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    I love the Pinterest party ideas – especially the number. I’m definitely keeping that in mind for the future. Glad the party was amazing! – Brittany (ordinarilyextraordinarymom)

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