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Trusting God, Even When It’s Tough


When the Power of Faith Matters Most

Updated January 1st, 2020

It can be hard trusting people, but do you have a hard time trusting the one that matters most, God? Trusting God, even when it’s tough, is so important. We all have our hard times, but God is always there with us.

The Moment it Hits

You know those wave pools they have at water parks? You know, the ones that are super relaxing in the shallow end but scarier towards the deep end? Well, imagine laying on your floatie allowing the waves to slowly roll underneath you, your body just goin’ with the flow, not even thinking about having to wake up the next morning at 5:30am. Then bam! All of a sudden, someone swimming beneath you knocked you off your floatie! Next thing you know you’re in the deep end, waves crashing into you, hair all wet, trying to catch your breath! Each time you gasp for air, here comes another wave pouring out! Hit, after hit, after hit, you somehow managed to get back to the shallow end, breathing heavily as if you just ran a marathon, looking around to make sure no one saw the embarrassing moment of an adult not being able to swiftly swim to shore. Well, just like this embarrassing moment, life tends to hit you like a wave as well, and life doesn’t care who is watching!

Real Life

Every morning I get up early and give myself a little quiet time with the Lord. I sip my coffee and read. Over the last few months I have gone through a few books and there’s always some questions or comments to help you connect the books to your own life, right? Some that I kept getting were “What is one thing worrying you?” or “What can you let go of and give to God?”. I honestly couldn’t think of anything. This chapter in my life was going pretty well. No twists, no turns, just going. However, I had this raw feeling, this feeling that something was coming. 

Then. It hit. It hit like a water park wave. Waves crashing over me. Waves full of panic, worry, fear. Questions like “What am I gonna do?”, “Should I do this?”, “Should I do that?”. My family and I were hit, but we were first saved. Saved by the One and Only Jesus Christ. 

Trusting God

After a few days of non-stop worry and over thinking, I prayed. But not just that “right then and there”, quick, opened-eyes prayer that I do way too often (unfortunately). I knelt down and just poured it all out. I knew that God was waiting for me. He was waiting for me to trust him, to go to him. So, I did. He listened.  He is always waiting to hear from you,  but only if you want him to. Remember, the Lord gives us free will. You must seek the Lord and he will always be there for you.

song lyrics lord, you never let go of me

Now, my family and I haven’t completely got rid of this wave, but the Lord has calmed it down. When you feel like you are out of control & helpless, that is when your faith matters most. Yes, pray, pray every day, give thanks every day. But when times get rough, don’t lose faith. Don’t forget about the Lord. Give your worries away to him. He wants them. He wants you. Choose faith over worry.

Don’t let a machine-made wave drown you. God will bring you back to shore. 

The power of faith overcomes your worldly problems.

“…the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.”

-1 John 4:4 NIV

There’s grace in the midst of Chaos.


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